I was lucky enough to sit down with our CTO for 30 minutes and here’s what he told me…

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What were your biggest dreams and visions when you were growing up? Did those change as you grew older or did they stay the same?

For me, the dream changed quite regularly. At first, I wanted to become a singer (obviously) , I then decided I could rule the world as a fashion designer but decided I won’t have enough “power” in the field. I switched to dreaming about movie production, the incentive being that I would get to “boss people…

How to embrace your audience, gain confidence, and take your presentation to a whole new level

Microphone on stage
Microphone on stage
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I get it: Presentations are daunting. Some love them, some hate them. Unfortunately, I find that powerful presenting as a software engineer is somewhat of a rarity but a truly incredible skill to have. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have it, I can guarantee it has not gone unnoticed.

These tips have transformed both my mindset around presentations and my technique. I’ve become more confident than ever, so what better way to embrace it than to share it with you?

Consider Your Audience

Before starting any presentation, consider these questions:

  • Who are they? Are you presenting to an internal/external audience…

Now that the panic is over, let’s have a look at how you can prepare for the inevitable

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Before I begin, I’d like to point out that I am aware that each team/company on-call rotations differ and it’s hard to give advice on how to tackle every possible scenario. So I’m going to start out by explaining what my typical on-call rotation looks like..

On my team, we do weekly on-call rotations whereby you are on-call 24/7 😑 for the given week. This is due to the fact we don’t have a representative team in the US or other time…

A dog in a suit, sitting at a desk
A dog in a suit, sitting at a desk

I don’t know about you but my weeks tend to go one of two ways, with absolutely no in-between

Option 1 — I spend the whole week slacking, tasks take 30% longer to complete, I feel drained, unproductive, tired and guilty.

Option 2 — I have a fantastic week. Get lots done. I am genuinely busy and it gives me energy, fills me with motivation to work harder, to learn more and makes me appreciate and love my job.

As I said, there is never an in-between. Hopefully what you get can get away from these 2 options is a…

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So today I learned something cool, tried to find more information about it but either it doesn’t exist (probably impossible in this day in age) or it’s not “trending” or I can’t use Google 😊

Either way, I thought it was pretty cool and it brought me back to those horrid complexity classes in college, where you sat there thinking “when in the world am I ever going to use this stuff?”. So maybe I’m getting old or maybe I’m really getting into this FP stuff (found this while sat down with a cuppa reading my favorite FP book).


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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Laura and I’m a Distributed Systems Engineer at Workday 🤓

I am a complete newbie both to the industry (just approached my two year mark as a full-time engineer) and writing but hey we all start somewhere right? 🙂 I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet, fully immerse myself in this wonderful industry and start writing about my experiences, challenges and everyday learning snippets throughout my career. What better way to learn than to teach someone else right?

For my very first article, I’ve decided to touch on a recent…

Laura Araviciute

Distributed Systems Engineer @ Workday

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